U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee: Venezuela’s Tragic Meltdown

Excerpts from Russ Dallen’s Testimony:

Those who trample the most basic tenets of the West’s rule of law – from the universal rights of man and human rights to those against bribery, corruption, drug trafficking, theft, money laundering, and murder — must not be allowed to enjoy the economic and political benefits that flow from our society’s diligence in upholding that moral core curriculum

Allowing Venezuela to fall further into the hands of drug kingpins — with close relationships with Cuba, Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah, Russia and China — intent on doing us harm while sitting on top of the world’s largest oil reserves must not be an option. Likewise, allowing Venezuela to fall further into anarchy and chaos will only open the door to further death and destruction, heightening regional insecurity and Latin American instability. If the United States is unable to bring democracy to its own backyard, what chance does it have for bringing it to the rest of the world?”





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