CSIS: Potential Scenarios for Venezuela’s Future

In order to apply additional analytic rigor to the development of plausible scenarios for Venezuela, CSIS convened a small group of experts with diverse backgrounds in the U.S. government and private sector, including Mark Schneider, senior adviser, CSIS Americas Program; Richard Miles, deputy director, CSIS Americas Program and director, CSIS U.S.-Mexico Futures Initiative; John Schaus, fellow, CSIS International Security Program; and Russ Dallen, managing partner, Caracas Capital Markets, to apply the Alternate Futures Structured Analytic Technique. Alternative Futures is a systematic method for identifying alternative trajectories by developing plausible and mind-stretching “stories” based on critical uncertainties. This scenarios method was inspired by Peter Schwartz, author of The Art of the Long View and Inevitable Surprises. The scenarios we developed in this exercise will help inform the “Day After” matrix that our Venezuela project is drafting to assist the United States and international community with recovery efforts in Venezuela.


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